GMK+ Bunny Mechanical Switches


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Introducing the GMK+ Bunny Mechanical Switches – where tactile brilliance meets aesthetic excellence. Crafted for the discerning keyboard connoisseur, these switches redefine the very essence of keystrokes, elevating your typing experience to an art form.

Picture this: a keyboard that not only responds to your every command but does so with a touch of whimsy and unparalleled precision. The GMK+ Bunny switches are a symphony of tactile feedback, each keystroke an orchestrated dance of responsiveness and elegance. Designed for typists who demand nothing but the best, these switches embody the perfect balance between actuation force and tactile feel, ensuring a typing experience that is not just functional but delightful.

Inspired by the playful spirit of bunnies, these switches bring a touch of personality to your keyboard setup. The keycaps themselves feature a whimsical bunny logo, an ode to the joy of typing. The GMK+ Bunny switches are not just switches; they are a statement, a celebration of the synergy between form and function.


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