GMK+ Botanical Garden Full Mechanical Keyboard


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Behold the GMK+ Botanical Garden Full Mechanical Keyboard, a verdant masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of mere input devices. Crafted for the discerning keycap connoisseur, this keyboard is a symphony of tactile elegance and visual splendor.

Picture this: each key is a vibrant bloom in a meticulously curated garden of mechanical wonders. The keycaps, bedecked in GMK’s signature double-shot ABS, boast an unrivaled durability and a luxuriously smooth feel under your fingertips. The legends, a delicate dance of sublimely crisp characters, bring forth a botanical lexicon that sparks joy with every keystroke.

But this keyboard is not merely about aesthetics—it’s a tactile triumph. The switches beneath each key are a carefully chosen garden of delights, offering a symphony of clicky, tactile, or linear sensations. Whether you’re a typist seeking the rhythmic melody of a typewriter or a gamer craving swift and seamless keystrokes, the Botanical Garden has a switch for every inclination.


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