GMK+ Asian Waves XDA Custom Keycap Set


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Every keycap in this set is a canvas for the artistry of Asian waves. Crafted with precision and dedication, the swirling, gentle curves of the waves are meticulously rendered, inviting you to embark on a journey of serenity and style. The color palette of the keycaps draws inspiration from the enchanting hues of the ocean – deep blues, tranquil teals, and soft whites, creating a soothing visual symphony for your keyboard. The GMK+ Asian Waves XDA Custom Keycap Set features the unique XDA profile, designed to offer a typing experience like no other.

Imagine the soothing sound of ocean waves gently crashing on the shore as your fingers dance across these keycaps. The Asian Waves theme encapsulates the spirit of tranquility and balance, bringing the essence of Eastern philosophy to your fingertips. Each keycap is a reminder of the beauty and serenity that can be found in the natural world. The GMK+ Asian Waves XDA Custom Keycap Set is designed with versatility in mind. Compatible with a wide range of mechanical keyboards, you can effortlessly transform your keyboard into a masterpiece of Asian-inspired design. Whether you have a tenkeyless, full-sized, or compact keyboard, this keycap set will fit seamlessly.


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