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Introducing the GMK+ Switch Extractor Accessories – a pinnacle of precision and innovation for keyboard enthusiasts seeking to elevate their mechanical keyboard crafting experience. Crafted with the discerning keycap and keyboard connoisseur in mind, these accessories are more than just tools; they’re an ode to the artistry of customization.

At the heart of these accessories lies the GMK+ Switch Extractor, a marvel of engineering that effortlessly transforms the mundane task of switch removal into a symphony of tactile finesse. Meticulously designed, the extractor boasts a finely honed tip that delicately cradles the switch, ensuring a seamless extraction without any risk of damage to your precious keycaps or the keyboard plate.

But the GMK+ experience doesn’t stop there – it extends to an array of meticulously crafted add-ons. The set includes an exquisite keycap puller, precision-molded from high-quality materials, offering a satisfying click as it clasps onto keycaps. This puller not only ensures a secure grip but also serves as an extension of the user’s creative expression.


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