GMK+ Wide Compatibility Series Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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Introducing the GMK+ Wide Compatibility Series Cherry Custom Keycap Set—an exquisite blend of form and function designed to elevate your typing experience. With 129 meticulously crafted keycaps, this set is a testament to the artistry and precision synonymous with the GMK+ brand.

Unleash your keyboard’s full potential with these Cherry-profile keycaps, carefully sculpted to provide a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. The Cherry profile is renowned for its versatility and widespread popularity among keyboard enthusiasts, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a keycap set that seamlessly integrates with a variety of mechanical keyboards.

Each keycap in the GMK+ Wide Compatibility Series is a work of art, featuring vibrant, durable double-shot legends that won’t fade over time. The legends are designed with clarity in mind, ensuring legibility and an aesthetically pleasing look for the long haul.

Composition Keycaps Cherry PBT Dye Sub Keycap 129 Keys For ikbc Cherry MX 104/87/61/64/89 Keys Mechanical Keyboard



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