GMK+ Rainbow XDA Custom Keycap Set


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The GMK+ Rainbow XDA Custom Keycap Set is not just an accessory for your keyboard; it’s a canvas for your imagination. Each keycap in this set is an explosion of color, meticulously designed to form a rainbow that stretches across your keyboard like a bridge to a land of endless inspiration. Whether you’re a digital artist, a gamer seeking an immersive experience, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of vibrant colors, this keycap set is your passport to creativity. We understand that typing comfort is paramount. That’s why we’ve chosen the XDA profile for this keycap set. With its uniform height and sculpted top surface, XDA provides a comfortable and consistent typing experience, allowing your fingers to dance effortlessly across the keys.

Our GMK+ Rainbow XDA Custom Keycap Set is an ode to the beauty of nature’s most dazzling spectacle, the rainbow. Each keycap is a vibrant, individually crafted masterpiece, and when you assemble them on your keyboard, they come together to create a stunning display of color and unity. From the deep red of a summer sunset to the cool blue of a clear sky, from the lush green of a pristine forest to the warm embrace of a golden sun, this keycap set encapsulates the full spectrum of human emotion and experience. Customization is at the heart of the GMK+ Rainbow XDA Custom Keycap Set. We’ve included 133 keycaps in this set, giving you the freedom to tailor your keyboard to your exact preferences.

Juego de teclas con tema de arcoíris, 133 teclas, sublimación de tinte PBT, teclas coloridas a prueba de luz, gradiente de perfil XDA para 61, 68, 96, 98


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