GMK+ Race XDA Custom Keycap Set


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GMK+ Race XDA is not just a set of keycaps; it’s a high-octane journey down the winding roads of racing culture. Inspired by the sleek lines of sports cars and the vibrant colors of racetracks, these keycaps set the stage for an immersive typing experience.  The legends on these keycaps are adorned with a font reminiscent of speedometer numbers, reminding you of the thrill of acceleration every time your fingers dance across the keys.

When it comes to keycap profiles, XDA is the unsung hero. Renowned for its versatility, the XDA profile offers a flat, uniform surface that adapts to your fingers, whether you’re a touch typist or a lightning-fast gamer. It’s a profile that doesn’t discriminate – each keycap is sculpted to perfection, ensuring that every keystroke is a consistent, comfortable experience. Whether your keyboard is a compact 60%, a tenkeyless, or a full-sized behemoth, GMK+ Race XDA has got you covered. You’ll find keycaps tailored to fit everything from the most popular layouts to the most niche setups, making this set a must-have for keyboard enthusiasts of all kinds.

ECHOME-Tapa de teclado de sublimación térmica, teclado de tablero de ajedrez, altura XDA, PBT, blanco y negro, 133 teclas, 64/68/87


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