GMK+ Kaminarimon Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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Embrace the elegance of the Cherry profile, a design revered by keyboard enthusiasts worldwide. Just like the iconic Kaminarimon gate in Asakusa, Tokyo, which stands tall and majestic, the Cherry profile keycaps offer an elevated typing experience. The sculpted shape cradles your fingertips, making each keystroke a symphony of comfort and precision. Feel the rhythm of your fingers dancing effortlessly across the keyboard as you immerse yourself in the world of Kaminarimon. Inspired by the vibrant and bustling Kaminarimon gate in Tokyo, our keycap set captures the essence of this cultural landmark. The deep crimson and ebony hues evoke the sense of entering a different era, where tradition and modernity harmonize.

With 129 keycaps in the GMK+ Kaminarimon Cherry Custom Keycap Set, you’ll have the tools to transform your keyboard into a work of art. Whether you’re outfitting a full-sized board or crafting a compact layout, our set has you covered. The legends on each keycap are thoughtfully designed for readability, ensuring that you can type with ease while immersing yourself in the Kaminarimon theme. As you explore the Kaminarimon Cherry Custom Keycap Set, you’ll find more than just a keyboard upgrade – it’s an opportunity to infuse your workspace with creativity.


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