GMK+ HH Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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Introducing the GMK+ HH Cherry Custom Keycap Set – a symphony of style, functionality, and pure craftsmanship that will transport your keyboard into a realm of unparalleled elegance. With 173 keycaps that embody the quintessential Cherry profile, this set is not just a keycap collection; it’s a work of art inspired by the theme of HH. The GMK+ HH Cherry Custom Keycap Set is the embodiment of a harmonious fusion between form and function. Designed for discerning keyboard enthusiasts, it elevates your typing experience to new heights, all while adding a touch of magic inspired by the theme of HH.

HH, an abbreviation for “Hauntingly Handsome,” is the essence of this keycap set’s design. Each keycap is a miniature masterpiece, featuring a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic that captures the imagination. The dark, mysterious colorway serves as a canvas for intricate, eye-catching legends that seem to whisper secrets of the night. The allure of the GMK+ HH Cherry Custom Keycap Set lies in its attention to detail. The legends are not just letters and symbols; they are gateways to hidden wonders. The keycaps beckon you to explore, to type, to create.


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