GMK + Fairy Tale Series Cherry Custom Keycap Set


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Unleash the creativity and nostalgia in every keystroke with 130 custom-designed keycaps, each telling a unique story inspired by classic fairy tales. From the elegant Cinderella-inspired carriage Enter key to the mysterious forest-themed Esc key, every detail is thoughtfully crafted to transport you into a world of fantasy.

Designed in the revered Cherry profile, these keycaps provide a comfortable and familiar typing experience. The sculpted shape and gentle curvature of each keycap ensure a natural feel under your fingertips, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The Cherry profile is known for its versatility and widespread appeal, making it a perfect choice for both gaming and professional use.

Large Set Fairy Tale Keycap PBT Cherry Profile Dye Sub Keycaps For Mx Switch Custom DIY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard CIY68 GK68


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