GMK+ Everglide Mechanical Switch


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Introducing the GMK+ Everglide Mechanical Switch – a symphony of precision and tactile elegance that redefines the keystroke experience. Crafted for the discerning keyboard enthusiast, this switch is a harmonious fusion of GMK’s renowned keycap craftsmanship and Everglide’s cutting-edge switch technology.

Imagine a cascade of keystrokes that feel like a gentle dance beneath your fingertips. The GMK+ Everglide Mechanical Switch achieves just that, delivering a sublime typing sensation that resonates with every press. Its tactile response is akin to the subtle rustling of leaves in a gentle breeze, providing a tactile feedback that’s both reassuring and satisfying.

What sets the GMK+ Everglide apart is the meticulous attention to detail in its design. The switch housing is a testament to GMK’s commitment to perfection, ensuring a seamless integration with GMK keycaps. The result is a visual and tactile masterpiece – a keyboard that not only performs flawlessly but also captivates with its aesthetic appeal.


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