GMK+Aztec Series Keycap Set


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Each keycap is influenced by a style or culture found in the Americas and explores various facets of each culture. The style incorporates aspects of the distinctive aztec style, the architecture of old Mexico, the heraldry of the Aztecs, and the ancient art. Each of the 142 keycaps features a combination of Mayan, Aztec, and Nahuatl design elements. The color scheme of the GMK+Aztec Series Keycap Set is Fade Jade, Deep Chestnut, and Dust Storm.

GMK+Aztec Series Keycap SetGMK+Aztec Series Keycap SetGMK+Aztec Series Keycap SetGMK+Aztec Series Keycap Set

Get your hands on this limited edition GMK+Aztec Series Keycap Set while supplies last, get yours shipped today!


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