GMK+ Sweet Rabbit KCA Custom Keycap Set


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Indulge your fingertips in a symphony of tactile elegance with the GMK+ Sweet Rabbit KCA Custom Keycap Set, an opulent dance of keys meticulously crafted for the connoisseur of keystrokes. Elevating your typing experience to new heights, this set boasts the coveted KCA profile, a masterpiece in keycap design that combines the comfort of a familiar touch with the excitement of innovation.

Unleash your creativity across 140 keys, each an individual work of art in the Sweet Rabbit palette. Imagine typing on a bed of soft pastels, where every stroke is a brushstroke painting a canvas of expression. The colors seamlessly blend, reminiscent of a tranquil sunset, casting a warm glow over your workspace. The legends on each key are a testament to precision, ensuring not just functionality but a visual feast for discerning eyes.

But this set isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about feel. The KCA profile offers a tactile journey that’s both responsive and harmonious. Your fingers will effortlessly glide from key to key, creating a melodic rhythm that transforms typing into a virtuoso performance.


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